SAADIAH (Saʿid; c. 16th century), poet. Saadiah ranks among the group of early Yemenite poets. His poetry is distinguished for its motifs, style, and form, which later, during the Mashtā period (17th century), became the principal elements of Yemenite poetry. The subjects of his poetry are the Sabbath, the festivals, exile and redemption, friendship, and kabbalah . His poetry   is mostly written in Hebrew. His poem La-Ner ve-li-Vesamim, a Havdalah for the conclusion of the Sabbath, is still recited in the homes of Yemenite Jews. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: A.Z. Idelsohn and H. Torczyner (eds.), Shirei Teiman (1930), 34–41. (Yehuda Ratzaby)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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